How to Set-up an IDE for Java (+Video)

How to Set-up an IDE for Java (+Video)

Starting Java or any other programming language needs a platform to write the codes or scripts there. The platform is called IDE (Integrated Development Environment); e.g. Java IDE. There are different and we can say many platforms or IDEs for the programming languages. The most popular IDEs are like Notepad++ for C++, HTML, CSS and etc, SublimeText for HTMl, CSS, PHP and some other, DEVC++ for C++, TurboC for C programming and etc.

Java codes must be compiled after they are written. Therefore java needs a Development Kit and Development Environment.

Preferred Java IDE:

We recommend you to use Netbeans in–order to write, Compile and Run the java’s codes. Netbeans can support different languages such as C++, PHP, Java and some other languages. If you want to use Netbeans for Java, you must install a Development Kit first then install the Netbeans. Links are given below to download the JDK (Java Development Kit) and Netbeans IDE:

Download JDK Download NetBeans

Here is a video on how to prepare an environment for Java:


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