How to build a responsive site structure with bootstrap

This article is presented to show the easiest way for creating a responsive site structure, therefor first we will go to understand bootstrap, concept and elements of it. Then after we will code to build the responsive and flexible structure for PCs, Mobiles, Tablets and other gadgets. Bootstrap the great CSS framework and library Bootstrap is the most popular HTML,

MySQL Database Storage Engines

MySQL supports a number of different storage engines, sometimes also called table types. This means that you have a choice about the underlying implementation of the tables, each table in your database can use a different storage engine, and you can easily convert between them. You can choose a table type when you create a table by using


How to make use of Namespaces in the .Net Framework?

In computer programming, namespaces are logical containers of several similar blocks of codes. These blocks of codes each carry out a specific task, and several number of these blocks which are functionally related to each other are grouped together as one namespace. Namespaces are basically meant to be used to organize your code better. Introduction to Namespaces .Net Framework including

How do Validation Controls in ASP.Net work?

Validation Controls are those controls that validate the data entered by the user online. ASP.Net supports the use of 3 different types of controls. HTML Controls Web Form Controls Validation Controls Currently, almost every website online has a section where the user has to enter some input, like; registration forms, log-in forms, or etc. This data entered by the user

Bubble Sort Algorithm, Code and Explaination

A computer program compare only two players at one time because that’s how the comparison operators work. This tunnel vision on the part of algorithms will be a recurring theme. Things may seem simple to us humans, but the algorithm can’t see the big picture and must, therefore, concentrate on the details and follow some simple rules. The Bubble Sort algorithm

Working with Multiple Forms in Visual Basic. Net

Most of the applications developed in VB.Net require multiple forms. As far as, forms are of their basic importance in VB.Net programming, it is important to learn how to insert multiple forms in a project and how to make interactions among them. This article will guide you through inserting multiple forms in a project and interacting between them. Adding Multiple

Event and Event Handler in Visual Basic.Net

The programs written in Visual Basic.Net are basically event oriented programs. In other words; events determine the flow of the program. So events are of great importance in Visual Basic.Net. What are these events? Event and Event Handler Event is basically an action by the user like clicking the mouse, moving the mouse, pressing any key on the keyboard and